Video brings learning to life 
Video is a very powerful learning tool and its use is now widespread by professionals keeping their skills and knowledge up to date. 
Desktop eLearning saves time out the office and expense on hours of courses or training seminars. We can deliver your training package in bite-size chunks, via business and eLearning platforms. 
Whether you’re a medic, a lawyer, an accountant or work in education we can help you create a multimedia package that will meet your training needs. 
If a lecture or presentation needs filming or a PowerPoint requires being brought to life we can help. We are experienced eLearning professionals and have created many hours of video and audio content for training organisations. 


Animation in an eLearning course 
This animation is one of six which appear in an online course for NHS nursing and midwifery professionals. It uses illustrations to communicate a set of new regulations in an engaging way. The visuals allow the learner to take in the information more easily. 
Explainer video 
This is part of a video series to demonstrate how to troubleshoot and repair mechanical parts in marine refrigeration equipment.  
The videos average just five minutes in length so learning can  
be achieved in bite-sized chunks. 
This method works equally well for  
industry professionals or members of the public trying to solve a problem. 
Simulated healthcare scenario 
This film has been used both for face to face and online training for NHS staff and nursing students. It uses actors who are playing the parts of healthcare professionals to show good and 'could be better' practice which can then lead to a classroom discussion or to an online quiz or assessment. Switched-on regularly works with SimComm Academy which is a leading simulation training organisation in healthcare. 
Interview as part of a training course 
This short interview clip with the director of a mental health charity is part of an online course to train volunteers. The clip also shows still photographs to illustrate the points made. Other parts of the interview are featured elsewhere in the course. Using interviews rather than scripted pieces to camera can be more natural and therefore more engaging. 


We will work out a plan and format for your videos to ensure your learning message comes across loud and clear. 
We often use a green screen for our training and CPD videos so that the 
presenter can be on a plain background so any diagrams, bullet points or photographs are clear and your company’s logo and branding is paramount. This method is very cost effective. 
We can film video or audio inserts or create graphics depending on what you’re trying to do. We price our eLearning campaigns per video, 
depending on what you’re looking to do but discounts are available for five or more films 
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